Top tips for creating your Subject Leader Action Plan


Now we are more than half way through the Autumn term, ensuring the lessons being delivered are in line with a well thought-out scheme of work with clear progression skills from Reception to Year 6 is essential. Once that box is ticked, your thoughts turn to the all-important Subject Leader Action Plan. Did you know your school requires a Subject Leader Action Plan for all subjects? This includes subjects that are being delivered by external providers, even if they are for one hour per week per year group!

At Primary PPA Cover, we include your Subject Leader Action Plan as standard and will ensure that our teachers adhere carefully to the plan. You have the freedom to set your own targets or use our example targets. If you are currently using us as your PPA provider and haven’t yet obtained your Subject Leader Action Plan(s), e-mail your Account Manager at and she will happily send you the request link for your subject.

Our top tips for creating your Subject Leader Action Plan:

  • Ensure your targets are realistic 

Give yourself enough time to achieve them and ensure children are capable of reaching the goals set. We know how busy we all are in school, adding further pressure to this isn’t good for you or the children.

  • Don’t try to fix everything at once!

You will be aware, before the year even starts, what the weaknesses are in your subject area. It is better to focus on a few key areas throughout the year and dig deep into the issues you are facing rather than scratch the surface of every issue.

  • Work closely with the teacher(s) delivering your subject. 

We all know that there can be times that you are asked to lead a subject that you have no experience delivering. This can be very daunting and unsettling, especially for NQTs. We advise that you work closely with the teacher(s) delivering your subject – after all, these are the people that will support and guide you to be the face of your subject! This means that even if the teacher delivering your subject is from an external provider, such as ourselves, it is important that you sit down with them and pencil in several meetings throughout the year and include them in meetings where their subject is discussed.


If you require any further information on leading a subject in your school or would like us to put together a FREE Subject Leader Action Plan for your school, please get in touch on 01530 566750 or