TeachTool is our innovative, interactive online planning tool that takes the planning burden away from our staff. With a bank of over 6,000 lessons which meet the new OfSted framework and follow the national curriculum. These fully resourced plans give a step by step guide to the delivery of lessons.

Each lesson is complete with all resources required and build on skills and learning from previous lessons. They include presentations, video clips, stimulus materials and worksheets to support the learning of the pupils and allow teachers to deliver lessons without having to find resources for themselves. Top tips are included within the lesson to support the teachers with those tricky transition points within the lesson.

Subjects covered by our TeachTool software include:

  • MFL – Spanish and French
  • Computing
  • RE
  • Drama
  • Musial Theatre
  • Music
  • PE
  • Gymnastics
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Art
  • Move with Math

Our recent scheme of works are in Mindfulness, Art, and RE and we plan to further expand our portfolio and bank of lessons such as PHSE, Leap into Literacy and other curriculum areas.

Staff are supported by our dedicated team who are on hand to help and advise on the delivery of our lessons from 8 am to 5 pm. We also offer a fully comprehensive training package to meet the needs of our schools in delivering the lessons using our software.

TeachTool empowers staff to deliver high quality, fully resources lessons focusing on the learning of their pupils without the extra workload of planning, finding and/or designing resources.

TeachTool allows teachers to teach.





Track Your Progress

Progress tracker for lesson plans – as soon as a lesson is complete it will turn green therefore will help you keep track of your progress with the children or will allow your headteacher to keep track of each class. Lessons can be stopped and continued at any point. 

Our teachers are able to submit weekly lesson notes to share with your headteacher of the progress of the children from that lesson and if there are any area which they will revisit in their next lesson.

Assessments and Reports

Teachtool also provides you with a report which can be sent home to parents. These reports are automatically generated and our teachers can review saving them hours of report writing time! These assessments meet the criteria outlined in the National Curriculum and can be exported for each child ready to send home – even complete with your school logo! Please see our KidzTool page for more information.




Kidztool is our TeachTool integrated assessment platform that assesses the learning outcomes of pupils. The Assessment criteria is directly linked to the TeachTool learning outcomes and the software is used by pupils at the end of a Unit of Work.

At the end of the Unit of Work pupils will use ipads/tablets or computers, logging in with their own individual login to access fun, interactive activities including crosswords, image, and word matching and ordering activities.

Completed assessments produce reports for each pupil, reflecting the learning outcomes from the units taught through TeachTool. Teachers can add to and amend assessments through TeachTool should they wish to.

The automated Assessments/reports can be sent home to parents complete with your school logo! The reports are simple to run off and can be attached to your own reporting cycle whether that is termly, twice yearly or annually.