Opening a world of opportunities to children and young people in Andalusia, Spain. A wonderful opportunity to immerse your students in Spanish culture and interact with children from around the globe!

We offer residential trips during June and July each year with our partner schools in the south of Spain. The trip is open to children in Years 5 and 6 for Primary Schools or Years 7-9 for Secondary Schools.


We offer various camps in Spain at 2 venues:

  • British School of Malaga (10 minutes from the airport, swimming pools, tennis court, 5 minutes away from the beach, etc)For more information about British School of Malaga please click here (link to clubs page)
  • Laude San Pedro (40 minutes away from the airport, gymnastics auditorium, dance studio, footbal pitch, 5 minutes from the beach, etc).For more information about Laude San Pedro, please click (link to clubs page) 


Children attend the school from 9.00-3.00 every day in Spain where they will participate in a wide variety of activities which will be taught 1 hour in English and 1 hour in Spanish throughout the day. The children in the classes will be from Spain and England so the cultural and social benefits for them are outstanding. Children will be immersed into the foreign language as they will be mixed with Spanish speaking children during school hours, they will be exposed to real life opportunities such as ordering in a restaurant or making a purchase in a local shop. These skills are not only invaluable for their language learning but also for their life skills as they transition up to secondary school. 


The costs of the trip is normally around £400+ depending on the dates chosen to go to Spain (flight and accommodation prices fluctuate during certain periods of the year). Schools normally charge parents/guardians in instalments throughout the year. Each school can take up to 40 pupils from the UK to Spain.


The cost breakdown is as follows:


Cost of summer school: £100.00 for the week if a school books more than 20 children at once (includes 3 course meal every day at 2.00pm), includes all activities i.e. bouncy castles, water activities, street dance and hip hop, gymnastics, graffiti art, arts and crafts, intensive Spanish, etc.

Approximate cost of flights (depends on which UK airport is closest to your school): £150.00 return

Approximate cost of transfer from airport to family-run hostal (with dormitories for children): £25.00

Approximate cost of hostal (bed and breakfast) for the 5 nights: £65.00

Approximate cost of extras: Snacks for the children at night time, spending money, excursions during the evenings to experience local history and culture: £65.00