How do you transform your English and Maths lessons into physically active learning experiences?

Here at Primary PPA Cover, we are huge advocates for physically active learning. As outlined in the following TED talk by NorwichEd (Bryn Llewellyn & Andy Daly-Smith):


  • “Why do we sit children down to learn and when did this start?”
  • “We’ve made huge strides with technology yet our classrooms compared to Victorian times are not that different” 


We prefer to see children up out of their seats, engaged in their learning! This is why we created our programmes:

Leap Into Literacy 

Move with Maths

Across the UK, 4 out of 5 children are not as physically active as they should be. This gives us even more reason to focus on physically active learning. When learning about the number line, what is stopping us from creating a physical number line outside or in the hall and having children run to the correct number on the line once they are given a sum? When learning to read, what is stopping us from taking children outside or in the hall and providing them with hidden clues to create and read a full sentence?

We would love to show you how our Move with Maths and Leap into Literacy programmes work by coming into your school to deliver a 1 hour FREE trial to children!

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