Physicalearn: PE, Dance & Gymnastics

Physical Education

As PE Lessons are the only access to exercise some children have all week, it is essential that the quality of the lessons is excellent.


Objectives of this programme:

  • For children to gain a basic knowledge of several traditional and upcoming sports
  • For children to develop core principles of dedication and hard work that can be applied to achieve academic success in all areas of the curriculum
  • To encourage health and wellness as well as educating children about healthy food choices
  • To open children’s eyes to the wide variety of new and upcoming sports that are arising including Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball Rounders, Capture the Flag etc
  • To raise awareness of increasing obesity problems amongst young people
  • To improve self-confidence, leadership and decision-making skills
  • To give the children the confident to participate in interschool competitions which can be arranged by the company
  • To develop and prepare children’s all round sports knowledge for sport day that we can arrange and organise



Sports covered in this programme:

Classroom based lessons, Healthy eating, Mindfulness, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Capture the Flag, Confidence activities, Cricket, Croquet, Dodgeball, Football, Giant Ball Games, Handball, Hockey, Kickball Rounders, Multi-skills, Multi-sports, Netball, Olympic Sports, Orienteering, Rounders, Rugby, Skipping, Table Tennis, Tag Rugby, Team Games, Tennis, Tri-golf, Volleyball. – These can be delivered in an order that can be chosen by the school to suit the needs of the children


Dance & Gymnastics


If PE is something you are already covering, a great alternative to sports during Physical Education lessons is Dance and/or Gymnastics.

 Objectives of Dance programme:


  • To respond with an understanding to dance and learn to create and perform pieces

  • For children to communicate proficiently in dance
  • Children will understand and evaluate dance in different contexts and cultures with cross-curricular links to history and literacy
  • To perform different styles of dance with confidence
  • For children to explore and develop emotionally through dance, topics include Mindfulness and Positivity as well as self-confidence, team work and being comfortable in our own bodies


Objectives of Gymnastics programme:


  • To understand how to use the body to perform basic gymnastic balances, shapes and weight transfers

  • To be able to understand and carry out basic sequences with and without equipment
  • To improve concentration and mental focus using basic gymnastic skills
  • Develop and understanding of the sportsmanship and discipline required in gymnastics
  • Improve flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance
  • Compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvements to achieve their personal best
  • Master basic movements developing balance, agility and coordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activates
  • Understand the importance of teamwork through gymnastics
  • Excel in the compulsory elements of the PE Curriculum which must be covered through Gymnastics 






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    Molly has been a great addition to our team here at Malmesbury Park Primary School.  Molly has built good relationships with staff and children and is well respected.  She is knowledgeable about her subject (PE) and engages the children with enthusiasm.  Molly has been supportive and flexible in her approach as we have had to make several changes to manage the demands of the COVID restrictions. Molly has been a perfect match for our school and is proving to be a real asset to our team. We are looking forward to working with her throughout the year. 

    Nic Smith

    Deputy Headteacher, Malmesbury Park Primary School