Raising attainment in primary schools


New for 2020, our Learn4Life programme is a life skill and PSHE programme that can be used in the following ways:

  • PPA Cover (to cover PPA time)
  • Emergency supply cover
  • Purchasing a Learn4Life TeachTool license so that your teachers can deliver our programme – all planning, materials and assessment is included
  • Workshops and enrichment days
  • Short and long term cover for sickness or absence


What is Learn4Life?

A 2020 review by the Welsh Youth Parliament has recommended that more lesson time is spent teaching pupils how to manage finances and deal with challenges in their personal lives, rather than simply preparing them to pass exams. Eighty percent of those polled thought that the current provision for teaching life skills is not sufficient.

Our Learn4Life prepares children and young people for the “real world” and equips them with lifelong skills such as:

  • Healthy eating choices
  • A balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Basic First Aid
  • Mental health and mindfulness
  • Identity and religion
  • Budgeting and finance – opening a bank account, saving and spending
  • E-safety
  • Law and politics
  • Debating and negotiation skills
  • Relationships
  • Careers and the working world (entrepreneurship Vs employee)
  • Study options

The programme contains many cross curricular links to numeracy and literacy enabling children to further strengthen their core skills whilst learning skills that they will use throughout their lives.

According to a survey by FE news in 2019, the top 5 subjects Brits wish they had learnt in school are:

  1. Budgeting and Personal Finances (35%)
  2. How to Manage Your Mental Health (20%)
  3. How to Start a Business (14%)
  4. How the Government Works (12%)
  5. Coding and Digital Skills (11%)

Sutton Trust outlines further evidence for such a programme:

“There is wide recognition of the importance of such life skills, with 88% of young people, 94% of employers and 97% of teachers saying that they are as or more important than academic qualifications.”

To download our Learn4Life Subject Pack, please click below. To organise a free trial or for a quotation, please click here.


    “Charlotte has been a super art teacher at St Laurence. The children have thoroughly enjoyed her creative lessons and she has positive behaviour management strategies.”

    Lizzy Bennett

    Deputy Headteacher, St Laurence Primary School