International Literacy Day


How are you preparing for International Literacy Day on the 8th September 2021? Literacy is such an important skill for children to learn at such a young age to ensure the foundations are built early to help them as they grow up. However, many children may find Literacy boring and start to lose focus and engagement throughout the lesson. This is something that we wanted to change within school and help children enjoy learning literacy. 


Our Leap into Literacy programme is an alternative way to support children in their spelling, reading, writing, and also keeping fit while learning. We want to take learning outside the classroom and support children so they can learn whilst being out and about; finding new words to spell on walks, taking reading groups in the fresh air, and encouraging the children to write imaginative pieces. This helps children engage in an alternative way and makes learning Literacy fun at the same time.


Why not celebrate International Literacy Day by investing in your children and making literacy fun?


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