Top 5 advantages of using a small business to cover your PPA!


  1. Expertise

 As we are a small team and therefore our sole focus is providing PPA cover to primary schools – it is what we live and breathe! Schools can rest assured that we are the experts in the field. We are constantly up to date with new legislation, updates from Ofsted and the DfE and do not need to get anything signed off by a huge management team, we can adapt to the trend or new rules straightaway to help our schools.

 2. Innovation

 We constantly reinvest our profits into innovation and our automation software TeachTool, this means that all schools are reinvesting in themselves as all children will benefit from this service that we do not charge a license fee for if you are already using us for PPA.


3. Personal Service

 Our values include trust, pride, respect and teamwork – this sums up our customer service in one! Your school will have a direct point of contact in our lovely Account Manager who will guide you from A to B, supporting you with all queries – from creating your Subject Leader Action Plan to coming to school to check in on the provision and carry out an observation with you!


4. Communication

We are in one office and use a central CRM system therefore all of our schools have an account on our CRM system and everything is logged there – from calls to emails to policies and procedures. You can rest assured that your message will reach the right person even if they are out teaching whilst you call!


5. Satisfaction

We strive to see the difference we are making to education and love to celebrate the wins with you! Please share your feedback about the provision we provide so we can communicate this to our staff, we are all one big family and love to reward hard work!