PPA Cover for 2021-2022


We are delighted to announce that we have availability for new schools to come on board with us next Academic Year. 


Have you:


  • Experienced issues with your PPA provision this year?
  • A member of staff who is going on maternity leave or long term sick that will affect next Academic Year?
  • Recently reviewed the way you are covering PPA time?
  • Reviewed costs and would like to see if we can beat a quotation you have received for PPA?
  • Reviewed progress during PPA time and been dissatisfied with the outcome?
  • Been using supply cover for PPA and spending excess of your school budget?


Allow us to quote your PPA for next year by clicking our home page and completing our new school enquiry form.


Don’t forget that we offer full carousel programmes, long and short term cover, Subject Leader Action Plans, packages including iPads (ICT) and equipment (such as Musical instruments).


We look forward to working with you in 2021-2022!