3 benefits of residential trips to Spain for Year 5-8 students


We have two partner schools in Spain – one in San Pedro Alcántara and one in Malaga (both in Andalucía, approximately 1 hour apart). Every year, from the end of June to mid August, we run language immersion courses at these schools. See below a map which demonstrates the international scale of the attendees for these courses – this is a wonderful opportunity for your students in Year 5,6,7 and 8 to immerse themselves into different cultures and most importantly, practise the language skills they have been studying since year 3!

We can help with organising the entire trip from flights, transfers, accommodation to food and drink.

  1. Independence

Very often, a residential trip is the first time children in Year 5 or 6 have been given a taste of real independence – they need to pack for themselves, make their beds, get ready for school in the morning and take responsibility for their actions.


  1. Confidence

Sometimes considered the most important skill for life in secondary school, confidence is key when it comes to residentials. We have seen the most timid and introverted students build up the courage to make friends, share rooms with students from their schools, play group games and participate in conversation with shopkeepers and more.


  1. A chance to see the “real” world

Often when studying a language, children do not relate to the fact that this language is used daily and as the only language of many people somewhere in the world – it all seems very much part of a story and a different hemisphere! On their walk to school, we encourage children to go into the local store to purchase essentials for the day such as water and a snack. They must use their Spanish, including using real Euros!


There are many, many more benefits and we could go on for days but we feel these three are the most important. If you’d like to speak to a school who has attended our residential trips, please do not hesitate to ask!

For more information, click here: https://www.primaryppacover.com/residential