PPA on a Friday afternoon


Post COVID-19 has seen many changes in schools and across the education sector. One change that we have noticed is that some schools have opted to have their PPA Cover all on a Friday afternoon – this means teachers can do their PPA off site and we send staff in to take over the school for the afternoon.




  • Your staff can focus on their PPA off site and do not come into contact with our staff
  • Your teachers will receive updates after every lesson delivered by our teachers via our TeachTool platform
  • Children will remain in the same social bubbles and our staff can teach children for up to 2 hours at a time (therefore one member of staff could be exposed to just one class if you prefer)
  • Children can remain in school and not be sent home early inconveniencing parents and leaving them without childcare
  • Children can access quality education from specialist teachers for that specific subject area – an area that their class teacher may not be comfortable in
  • Your school keeps all external parties strictly to one afternoon and does not have visitors coming in and out of school throughout the week
  • The same teaching staff attend the sessions weekly so children and parents get to know them


We understand that this won’t work for every school and initially we too were apprehensive about PPA happening on a Friday afternoon but from our experience so far, it has worked! If your school has tried the Friday afternoon timetable and it hasn’t worked, let us know why and we can share this with other schools that are asking us for advice.


If your school wants to try something different and is considering the Friday afternoon PPA approach, give us a call on 01530 566750 and we will discuss it with you.