Returning to school on the 8th March!


What great news we have had this week with Boris Johnson’s announcement, finally confirming that schools will reopen on the 8th March! This was music to our ears, and I am sure all the other teachers and schools across the UK. With this in mind, our focus reverts back to how we can support the children to catch up again after such a long term away from the classroom. However, we do not want this to be a daunting thought for staff in school as we are here to help! With the advice that has been released from the DfE on how schools can use their catch-up premium recently released, there are many ways in which you can help support your children catch-up during this crucial time.

As recommended by DfE, small group sessions and one-to-one tuition can be vital to the recovery of time missed in school. Our Booster Sessions are built with this in mind to help support your children catch-up on their most important areas.

With the gap widening in children’s maths and literacy skills, our Move with Maths and Leap into Literacy programmes help support children with their fundamentals with an added element activity and fun.

We along with everyone else are welcoming the return to school, in a little over a week and we would love to support you and your school with helping children catch-up on missed classroom time.

If you would like to find out more about all the different services we offer, please visit our services page of the website.

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