Nurseries & Pre-schools

We offer regular weekly drop-in sessions for Day Nurseries and Pre-Schools to allow children to experience specialist subjects such as Gymnastics, Music, Drama and Science! Our full list of available subjects for Nurseries and Pre-Schools is as follows:


  • Language speakers of the world: Children will learn languages such as French and Spanish through play and visual aids. Topics can be hand picked to cater to the needs of what children are learning in nursery. We offer support for parents to also continue learning at home. Sessions are aimed to improve children’s personal, social and emotional development, speech and language skills.
  • Story-teller Drama: every week children will be exploring different themes which can link back to the topics on your Tapestry framework. Themes range depending on the time of year and the topics being taught in your Nursery and Pre-school; one week we may be dinosaurs in ancient history, the next we may fly to the moon or swim under the sea with all the beautiful fish! Sessions are aimed to improve children’s personal, social and emotional development, speech and language skills, their Literacy skills and their Understanding of the World.
  • Magical Music: our Magical Music programme is a progressive music curriculum that links closely with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Our trained Magical Music teacher will visit your Nursery or Pre-School to lead fun and interactive Music sessions for your children. Themes of the sessions can be tailor-made to suit your current topics. Sessions are aimed to improve children’s, speech and language skills, and their Expressive Arts and Design skills.
  • Disco Dance: Our dance programme is a fun way to provide Physical Education in your Nursery or Pre-School. Our sessions are structured to provide varied, fun & energetic sessions helping to develop creativity, rhythm, fitness, co-ordination and confidence. In line with the EYFS statutory framework, parents and staff can be assured that children will receive a quality experience that supports their care, learning and development. Curriculum skills covered include: colour, shape recognition & counting vocabulary and language skills.
  • Fantastic Gymnastics: Pre-school gymnastics sessions teach children important physical skills such as; balance, agility, co-ordination, and to generally improve children’s motor skills. Gymnastics is an excellent activity to engage babies, toddlers and preschool children in physical exercise. Sessions are aimed to improve children’s personal, social and emotional development, expressive arts and design skills and their physical development.
  • Mad Labs Science: Children will participate in exciting experiments including Volcano Explosions, Making Slime, Giant Bubbles, Fizzing Potions and Elephant Toothpaste as well as a whole array of other wonderful activities! Preschool children enjoy captivating demonstrations, get involved in simple science experiments and discover how science can help us to better understand the world around us.
  • Relaxing Yoga:  Yoga will help promote sleep, relaxation and also their physical strength as they learn to use their muscles in new ways. By practising different poses, your children will be encouraged to clear their mind and focus on the movement or technique in practice. Yoga teaches children to persevere, be patient, and work towards achieving more.
  •  Get Active: Physical activities promotes healthy growth and development. It helps build a healthier body composition, stronger bones and muscles. It also improves the child’s cardiovascular fitness. Physical activities helps in the development of better motor skills and in concentration and thinking skills. Taking part in a variety of physical activities helps maintain healthy weight, improves self-confidence and social skills and can provide opportunities to develop friendships.
  • Get Creative: Early years arts experiences can impact positively on confidence, self-esteem, personal, social, emotional development and behavioural health, breaking down language barriers, cultural prejudices or societal differences, and leading to decreased social problems, reduced inequality and increased creativity. Topics can be hand picked to cater to the needs of what children are learning in nursery.

  • Computer wizzes: As part of this subject, there are many opportunities for young children to use technology to solve problems and produce creative outcomes. In particular, many areas of the framework provide opportunities for pupils to develop their ability to use computational thinking effectively. Sessions are aimed to improve children’s physical, personal, social and emotional development, communication and language skills.

Why book us to provide drop-in sessions for your Nursery or Preschool?


  • Quality, consistent staff
  • Performances organised for parents in our Music, Dance and Drama sessions
  • Support with organising Nursery Graduation Ceremony performances
  • All lesson plans provided; hassle-free for teachers
  • Minimum booking of a term with dedicated Account Manager to support your nursery
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit your needs

All Nurseries & Preschools who use Primary PPA Cover Ltd receive a cheque for £100 for a successful recommendation to another Primary School as we truly value your recommendations.

    -“Charlotte was amazing! Children awaited PE sessions with excitement. She always gets the pre-schoolers engaged in the activities she prepares while working on their fine and gross motor skills. Every class is designed to focus on different skills as well which works really well for our nursery.”

    Queralt Faura Casadella

    Deputy Manager, Bilingual Day Nursery