TeachTool:  Outstanding Curriculum Software

TeachTool is our state-of-the-art curriculum software that takes the planning burden away from staff but equally leaves the school with the control over the subject they wish. TeachTool comes included in our fees if you purchase PPA, making it hassle-free for you and your new staff member. All lesson plans available are age group differentiated and include a break down of starter, main, plenary activities alongside all downloadable resources (including presentations, video clips, stimulus materials and worksheets) to support the learning of the pupils and deliver the lessons in the classroom. Top tips are included within the lesson to support the teachers with those tricky transition points within the lesson.

TeachTool is also both a tracking and assessment device where both PPA and school staff can log in and monitor the subject being delivered. All lesson plans are logged and time and date stamped to ensure we have a clear timeline of evidence of children’s progress. All lesson plans have a notes section for submission from the teacher directly to both the school and our head office.

To ensure school staff and parents receive regular updates on the children’s progress an assessment lesson is carried out half termly. The 7th lesson plan of each unit is an opportunity for the children to reflect on their learning form the unit and play some games through their own portal on KidzTool. The results from the match up, crossword and other activities prepopulate on a traffic light grid for PPA teachers to authorise which then converts into a PDF pie charts and statements for teachers to review and communicate to parents if they wish.

To purchase a TeachTool license starting from as little as £5 per week, please get in touch. 

Portfolio of lesson plans 

  • All videos, images, worksheets, PowerPoints, downloads in each specific lesson –
  • Avoid visiting any other websites or prepare any materials for teaching
  • Avoid pop ups, ads or inappropriate content.
  • Extension activities and extra projects also available such as Christmas projects, Easter games, British Council summer challenges, assembly guides & challenges.
  • Each school received a free TeachTool license to the subject that is being delivered in their school. As part of the onboarding process, each school receive a full TeachTool tutorial on all of its functionalities.

  • Should a school wish to opt for a license only, they may do so. For more information download our brochure now




  • TeachTool includes clear report criteria in line with lesson plans
  • Upload class lists at the touch of a button to track the children’s progress and receive their assessment results
  • A children’s quiz area for the end of every unit to generate assessment details through KidzTool
  • Individual student and class reports available

Track Your Progress



  • Lesson plans time and date stamped when started and completed
  • Progress tracker for school and PPA staff to monitor progress
  • Notes section available for feedback submission